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YBN Cordae

24 Years
Full Name
YBN Cordae
Aug 26, 1997
5 feet 10 inches

About Rapper YBN Cordae Biography

Born with the real name of 'Cordae Amari Dunston', YBN Cordae is an American rapper, singer as well as a songwriter. He rose to fame after remixing the famous songs of singers such as "My Name Is" and "Old Niggas" followed by "1985". He released his first mixtape titled "Anxiety" in the year 2014, under the pseudonym Entendre, and 2 years later, in the year 2016, "I'm So Anxious" was released, followed by "I'm So Anonymous" in 2017. He was musically inclined from an early age, since his father was fond of old school hip hop artists such as Nas, Rakim, Talib Kweli, and Big L. He was the oldest member of the YBN group when he officially joined in May 2018, but also the member who was rapping the longest. He gained a lot of online popularity in July 2018 when he was doing an interview with the basketball team LA Lakers. He freestyled over various well-known hip hop beats, such as Lil Pump's Esskeetit, Method Man & Redman‘s Da Rockwilder, and Kendrick Lamar’s DUCKWORTH. He also participated in the Black Lives Matter rights protest in 2016 by rapping about the issues and struggles he faced by being a part of the African-American community. He wrote a song titled Elevate for the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse that was released on 14th December 2018. He received a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 62nd Grammy Awards for his debut studio album "The Lost Boy" which was released on 26th July 2019. He is also active in social media with more than 2 Million followers in the Instagram account. He is nicknamed as Entendre, and YBN Cordae.

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YBN Cordae was born on Aug 26, 1997.
YBN Cordae is 24 years old.
YBN Cordae birth name is Cordae Dunston.
YBN Cordae was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
The net worth of YBN Cordae is $500 Million.

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