Xi Mingze Age Wiki
30 Years
Full Name Xi Mingze
Birthday Jun 25, 1992
Age 30 Years
Profession Celebrity Family
Nationality Chinese
Height 5 feet 3 inches

About Xi Mingze

It may be difficult for some people to tell anything about Xi Mingze but her farther Xi Jinping is one of the most popular people on the earth as he has been Chian's paramount leader, the President of the people's Republic of China since 2013.For a man recognized in 2018 by Forbes as the influential

People Also Asked For

When was Xi Mingze born?

Xi Mingze was born on Jun 25, 1992.

How old is Xi Mingze?

Xi Mingze is 30 years old.

What is the birth name of Xi Mingze?

Xi Mingze birth name is Xi Mingze.

Where was Xi Mingze born?

Xi Mingze was born in Fujian, South-Eastern China.

Who is the father of Xi Mingze?

The father of Xi Mingze is Xi Jinping.

Who is the mother of Xi Mingze?

The mother of Xi Mingze is Peng Liyuan.