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Vicki Draves

97 Years
Full Name
Vicki Draves
Dec 31, 1924
1.85 m

About Diver Vicki Draves Biography

Born on 31st December 1924, Vicki Draves was a famous competitive diver from the USA. At the 1948 Summer Olympics held in London, she won gold medals in both platform and springboard diving. He also became the first woman to be awarded gold medals for both the ten-meter platform and the three-meter springboard. Additionally, she became the first American woman to win two gold medals in diving, and the first Asian American to win Olympic gold medals. She was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1969 and was selected for the year's Most Outstanding Alumnus of City College of San Francisco in the year 2005. Unfortunately, the summer of 2020 has been marred by the fact that the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed until 2021. However, today's Google Doodle, which honors the Filipino American Olympic champion Vicki Draves, offers us the chance to bask in the kind of transcendent athletic glory that's beloved by sports fans all around the world. According to, she succeeded at the peak of his sport to overcome racism and poverty in his youth. Google honored its determination and success with a Google doodle in memory of its first day that won the gold medal at the Olympics. On 3rd August 2020, she was honored with a Google Doodle in recognition of her achievements. "Because of my racial background, he could not bring me as a member of the Fairmont Hotel Swimming and Diving Club," recalled Manalo-Draves in 1999. This inspired Patterson to start a "special club" in order to bypass the Fairmont's rules.

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Vicki Draves was born on Dec 31, 1924.
Vicki Draves is 97 years old.
Vicki Draves birth name is Victoria Manalo Draves.
Vicki Draves was born in CAlifornia.
The net worth of Vicki Draves is $130 Million.

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