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Valenti Vitel

29 Years
Full Name
Valenti Vitel
Dec 21, 1992
5 ft 8 in

About Model Valenti Vitel Biography

Valenti Vitel is a super hot model from Russia. She is one of the beautiful Russian models with a slim figure. She is a striking figure due to her elegance, magnificent appearance, perfectly symmetrical body, and graced with a perfect smile. She is at the peak of the modeling mountain with only a few models close to her standards. Her Instagram account @valentivitelli has attracted well over 1.9 million followers. Despite streams of rumors that the Model had to go through plastic surgery to look this magnificent, she has debunked such rumors with several throwback photos of herself and also stated that her great shapes and good looks attributes of living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding junk foods. She is also known for being featured mind-blowing concepts with her daring poses, and streamline figure, which gives her the ability to in any situation and works mainly around Europe and Central America with France, London, Moscow, and USA being her top destinations for photo sessions.

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Valenti Vitel was born on Dec 21, 1992.
Valenti Vitel is 29 years old.
Valenti Vitel birth name is Valenti Vitel.
Valenti Vitel was born in Ekaterinodar, Krasnodarskiy Kray.
The net worth of Valenti Vitel is $650,000.

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