Tyron Smith Age Wiki
32 Years
Full Name Tyron Smith
Birthday Dec 12, 1990
Age 32 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality American
Height 1.96 m or 6 ft 5 in.

About Tyron Smith

Tyron Jerrar Smith famed as Tyron Smith is a famous American football offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). He won the Morris Trophy, recognizing the best offensive and defensive linemen on the West Coast, in 2010 at USC college. Later, he was drafted by the Cowboys with the ninth

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When was Tyron Smith born?

Tyron Smith was born on Dec 12, 1990.

How old is Tyron Smith?

Tyron Smith is 32 years old.

What is the birth name of Tyron Smith?

Tyron Smith birth name is Tyron Smith.

Where was Tyron Smith born?

Tyron Smith was born in Los Angeles, California.

Who is the father of Tyron Smith?

The father of Tyron Smith is Jerry Lee.

Who is the mother of Tyron Smith?

The mother of Tyron Smith is Frankie Pinkey.

What is the net worth of Tyron Smith?

The net worth of Tyron Smith is More than $20 Millions.

What is the salary of Tyron Smith?

The salary of Tyron Smith is More Than $15 Millions.