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Trista Sutter

49 Years
Full Name
Trista Sutter
Oct 28, 1972
5ft. 2inch.(1.57m)

About Reality Star Trista Sutter Biography

Trista Sutter was the runner-up on season 1 of The Bachelor before becoming the star of the first season of its companion show, The Bachelorette. Sutter has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Fear Factor. She is a wife of "The Bachelorette" first season winner Ryan Sutter. Her wedding ceremony with Ryan Sutter was broadcast as the finale of a three-episode special called Trista & Ryan's Wedding in the Reality TV show "The Bachelorette" which was viewed by over 26 million viewers.

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Trista Sutter was born on Oct 28, 1972.
Trista Sutter is 49 years old.
Trista Sutter birth name is Trista Nicole Rehn.
Trista Sutter was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.
The net worth of Trista Sutter is $2 million.

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