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Tori Roloff

31 Years
Full Name
Tori Roloff
May 3, 1991
5 ft 5 in

About Reality Star Tori Roloff Biography

Tori Roloff is an American reality TV star before being a TV star she worked as a Kindergarten teacher in schools. She is also known as Victoria Elizabeth Patton as it is her birth name. She appeared in an only show called Little People, Big World and known as the wife of Zachary Roloff who is not normal like his siblings. Tori Roloff is getting candid about her son Jackson’s dwarfism and the impact it has on his daily life. Participating in an Instagram Q&A with fans on International Dwarfism Awareness Day, the Little People, Big World star, who is currently pregnant with her second child, revealed if her son’s condition has resulted in any “developmental delays” for the 2-year-old. “Dwarfism does not come with developmental delays,” Roloff replied. “There are always exceptions. Roloff also answered a similar question regarding if her son’s condition impacted the time with which he began to walk. “Every kid walks at different stages and it’s hard to say when a dwarf child should start walking,” she wrote. “J started walking around the same time most kids start walking. Zach didn’t walk until he was two. I know an LP that started walking at 9 months. You never know when kids will walk.” With her life playing out on the small screen on the TLC reality series, Roloff has used her platform to spread awareness and open up discussions surrounding dwarfism. Speaking with fans in October of 2018, the reality star revealed that she is “definitely not” worried about her son and that she was more worried about the every-day problems that any parent with a young child faces, such as bumps and bruises.

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Tori Roloff was born on May 3, 1991.
Tori Roloff is 31 years old.
Tori Roloff birth name is Victoria Elizabeth Patton.
Tori Roloff was born in Oregon.
The net worth of Tori Roloff is $4.5 Million.

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