Todd Tongen Age Wiki
0 Years
Full Name Todd Tongen
Birthday Jan 1, 1970
Age 0 Years
Profession TV News Anchor
Nationality American

About Todd Tongen

Todd Tongen was an American reporter and TV news anchor from Miami, Florida. He worked for WPLG Local News for 30 years. He committed suicide at the age of 56. His brother and the station confirmed the news on 5 June 2019. He killed himself as he believed he had the same dementia that killed

People Also Asked For

When was Todd Tongen born?

Todd Tongen was born on Jan 1, 1970.

How old is Todd Tongen?

Todd Tongen is 0 years old.

What is the birth name of Todd Tongen?

Todd Tongen birth name is Todd Tongen.

Where was Todd Tongen born?

Todd Tongen was born in United States.