Tina Knowles Age Wiki
69 Years
Full Name Tina Knowles
Birthday Jan 4, 1954
Age 69 Years
Profession Businesswoman
Nationality American
Height 1.71 m

About Tina Knowles

An American businesswoman as well as a fashion designer who is the founder of her self-titled fashion brand as well as the co-founder of "House of Dereon" with her daughter, Beyonce is known for Tina Knowles. In the year 1990, she established the salon Headliners in Houston and gradually made it one of the most

People Also Asked For

When was Tina Knowles born?

Tina Knowles was born on Jan 4, 1954.

How old is Tina Knowles?

Tina Knowles is 69 years old.

What is the birth name of Tina Knowles?

Tina Knowles birth name is Tina Knowles.

Where was Tina Knowles born?

Tina Knowles was born in Galveston.

Who is the father of Tina Knowles?

The father of Tina Knowles is Lumis Albert Beyince.

Who is the mother of Tina Knowles?

The mother of Tina Knowles is Agnes Dereon.

What is the net worth of Tina Knowles?

The net worth of Tina Knowles is $25 Million.

What is the salary of Tina Knowles?

The salary of Tina Knowles is In Millions.

What is the color of Tina Knowles's eye?

Tina Knowles eye color is HAzel.

What is the color of Tina Knowles's hair?

Tina Knowles hair color is Dark Brown.