Tate Martell Age Wiki
25 Years
Full Name Tate Martell
Birthday Jan 26, 1998
Age 25 Years
Profession Rugby Player
Nationality American
Height 1.8 m (5 feet and 11 inches )

About Tate Martell

Tathan Martell, professionally known as Tate Martell is an American professional football player. He plays as quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes of the University of Miami. He previously played college football at Ohio State University. Source: @cleveland.comWhat is Tate Martell Famous For?Named Gatorade Football Player of the Year 2016.Named USA Today Offensive Player of the Year 2016.  Where

People Also Asked For

When was Tate Martell born?

Tate Martell was born on Jan 26, 1998.

How old is Tate Martell?

Tate Martell is 25 years old.

What is the birth name of Tate Martell?

Tate Martell birth name is Tathan Martell.

Where was Tate Martell born?

Tate Martell was born in Poway, California, United States.