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Tallulah Willis

28 Years
Full Name
Tallulah Willis
Feb 3, 1994
5 feet and 4 inches or 163 cm

About Actress Tallulah Willis Biography

Tallulah Willis is an American actress and visual artist. She started her career as a child actor in her parents' movies. She has also acted in several movies like "The Scarlett Letter", "Bandits" and "The Whole Ten Yards". A few years ago, she was regularly in the news for her struggles with addiction and eating disorders. She previously suffered from body image and self-esteem issues, but overcame her adversities to share her story for the "What's Underneath Project". She is known for her role in films like "Bandits (2001)" and "The Whole Ten Yards (2004)". Recently, she has shared a pinup photo on Instagram this week.

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Tallulah Willis was born on Feb 3, 1994.
Tallulah Willis is 28 years old.
Tallulah Willis birth name is Tallulah Belle Willis.
Tallulah Willis was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
The net worth of Tallulah Willis is $86 Million including her parents portion.

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