Sulli Age Wiki
29 Years
Full Name Sulli
Birthday Mar 29, 1994
Age 29 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality South Korean
Height 5 ft 7 in

About Sulli

Sulli was a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress and model who was popularly known to be a member of the South Korean girl group, "f(x)". Sulli was also recognized for her performances in South Korean television series and movies, "To the Beautiful You" and "Fashion King". Sulli gained much popularity after she debuted as a

People Also Asked For

When was Sulli born?

Sulli was born on Mar 29, 1994.

How old is Sulli?

Sulli is 29 years old.

What is the birth name of Sulli?

Sulli birth name is Choi Jin-ri.

Where was Sulli born?

Sulli was born in Busan.

What is the net worth of Sulli?

The net worth of Sulli is $15 Million.

What is the salary of Sulli?

The salary of Sulli is 400 K Per Episode.