Sting Age Wiki
72 Years
Full Name Sting
Birthday Oct 2, 1951
Age 72 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality British
Height 5 ft 11ΒΌ in or 181 cm

About Sting

Sting is an English musician and actor. He was famous for being the frontman, songwriter, and bassist for the new wave rock band "The Police" from 1977 until their breakup in 1986. He launched a solo career in 1985 and has included elements of rock, jazz, reggae, classical, new-age, and worldbeat in his music. In

People Also Asked For

When was Sting born?

Sting was born on Oct 2, 1951.

How old is Sting?

Sting is 72 years old.

What is the birth name of Sting?

Sting birth name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner.

Where was Sting born?

Sting was born in Wallsend Northumberland.

What is the net worth of Sting?

The net worth of Sting is $550 million.

What is the color of Sting's eye?

Sting eye color is Blue.

What is the color of Sting's hair?

Sting hair color is Salt and Pepper.

Who is the mother of Sting?

The mother of Sting is Audrey.

Who is the father of Sting?

The father of Sting is Ernest Matthew Sumner.