Steve Kazee Age Wiki
48 Years
Full Name Steve Kazee
Birthday Oct 30, 1975
Age 48 Years
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 1.85 m

About Steve Kazee

The well-known Steven Michael Kazee is an American actor and singer. He is professionally known as Steve Kazee. Recently, he was rumored to be dating American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan. A recent photo published shows him kissing Jenna at Palm Springs, California. Gossip and Rumor A 43-year old musical film, Once star Steve Kazee,

People Also Asked For

When was Steve Kazee born?

Steve Kazee was born on Oct 30, 1975.

How old is Steve Kazee?

Steve Kazee is 48 years old.

What is the birth name of Steve Kazee?

Steve Kazee birth name is Steven Michael Kazee.

Where was Steve Kazee born?

Steve Kazee was born in Ashland, Kentucky, the U.S.

What is the net worth of Steve Kazee?

The net worth of Steve Kazee is $16 Million.