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Steve Easterbrook

55 Years
Full Name
Steve Easterbrook
Aug 6, 1967
5 feet 11 inches

About Business Executive Steve Easterbrook Biography

About Steve Easterbrook Stephen James Easterbrook, popularly known as Steve Easterbrook is a well-reputed British business executive. He is best known as the former President and CEO of the fast-food company, McDonald's. He served as the President and CEO of McDonald's from March 2015 to November 2019. The McDonald's board of directors voted to terminate Easterbrook after the evidence of his relationship with a staff member surfaced. McDonald's filed a lawsuit against Easterbrook in August 2020 accusing him of lying, concealing evidence, and fraud.

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Steve Easterbrook was born on Aug 6, 1967.
Steve Easterbrook is 55 years old.
Steve Easterbrook birth name is Stephen James Easterbrook.
Steve Easterbrook was born in Watford, England.
The net worth of Steve Easterbrook is $43 Million.

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