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29 Years
Full Name
Oct 22, 1992
5 ft 4 in

About YouTuber SSSniperWolf Biography

A famous YouTube vlogger and video game streamer is named for SSSniperWolf. Her gaming name, SSSniperwolf, comes from the video game Metal Gear Solid. On 23rd March 2019, SSSniperwolf won Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. She is famous for being a YouTuber and she is best known for her Youtube channel named "SSSniperWolf" and "Little Lia". In July 2013, she was arrested for armed robbery with Evan Sausage, and in August 2016, she was arrested for disorderly conduct. She is also a world-class hula hooper. She uses these skills in her videos cleverly in order to attract more number of visitors. In January 2016, a controversy erupted when a website called 'Drama Alert' posted a news item alleging that the real business of SSSniperWolf was posting adult movies on a separate YouTube channel called 'sexysexysniper'. Her birth name/real name is Alia Shelesh.

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SSSniperWolf was born on Oct 22, 1992.
SSSniperWolf is 29 years old.
SSSniperWolf birth name is Alia Shelesh.
SSSniperWolf was born in England.
The net worth of SSSniperWolf is $15 Million.

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