Shirley Ballas Age Wiki
62 Years
Full Name Shirley Ballas
Birthday Sep 6, 1960
Age 62 Years
Profession Dancer
Nationality English
Height 5 ft 2.5 in

About Shirley Ballas

An English ballroom dancer, dance teacher, and dance adjudicator from Wallasey who specializes in the International Latin division, where she won several championship titles is named for Shirley Balla. Due to it, she earned her the nickname The Queen of Latin. She was appointed a head judge on the BBC TV show, Strictly Come Dancing

People Also Asked For

When was Shirley Ballas born?

Shirley Ballas was born on Sep 6, 1960.

How old is Shirley Ballas?

Shirley Ballas is 62 years old.

What is the birth name of Shirley Ballas?

Shirley Ballas birth name is Shirley Ballas.

Where was Shirley Ballas born?

Shirley Ballas was born in Wallasey.

Who is the father of Shirley Ballas?

The father of Shirley Ballas is George Rich.

What is the net worth of Shirley Ballas?

The net worth of Shirley Ballas is $5 Million.

What is the salary of Shirley Ballas?

The salary of Shirley Ballas is Around £180k.

Who is the mother of Shirley Ballas?

The mother of Shirley Ballas is Audrey.