Shay Rudolph Age Wiki
17 Years
Full Name Shay Rudolph
Birthday Sep 6, 2005
Age 17 Years
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Height 1.62 m

About Shay Rudolph

Shay Rudolph is an actress and model from the USA who is renowned for appearing in the Netflix reboot of "The Baby-Sitters Club". Her first acting role was in the short film Mae. After that, she appeared in "The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer", "Less Than Zero", "Lethal Weapon" and more. Shay Rudolph Famous ForBeing an actress

People Also Asked For

When was Shay Rudolph born?

Shay Rudolph was born on Sep 6, 2005.

How old is Shay Rudolph?

Shay Rudolph is 17 years old.

What is the birth name of Shay Rudolph?

Shay Rudolph birth name is Shay Rudolph.

Where was Shay Rudolph born?

Shay Rudolph was born in San Diego.

Who is the father of Shay Rudolph?

The father of Shay Rudolph is Harry Rudolph.

Who is the mother of Shay Rudolph?

The mother of Shay Rudolph is Danielle Shapero Rudolph.

What is the net worth of Shay Rudolph?

The net worth of Shay Rudolph is $300K-$500K.

What is the salary of Shay Rudolph?

The salary of Shay Rudolph is Thousand of Dollar.

What is the color of Shay Rudolph's eye?

Shay Rudolph eye color is Blue.

What is the color of Shay Rudolph's hair?

Shay Rudolph hair color is Blonde.