Shaun Wallace Age Wiki

Shaun Wallace

61 Years
Full Name
Shaun Anthony Linford Wallace
Jun 2, 1960
Reality TV Personality
London, England

Shaun Wallace Biography

Shaun Anthony Linford Wallace, an English barrister, lecturer, and television personality of Jamaican descent is professionally known as Shaun Wallace. He is known as a barrister and Chaser in the ITV quiz show "The Chase". He started working as a barrister in 1986 and took part in hearings held at the Old Bailey as well as he campaigned to be elected MP for the Brent South constituency in 2005. He has also won "Mastermind" in 2004 and was ranked 286th in the World Quizzing Championships in 2012. Wallace is a part-time lecturer and visits schools, colleges, and other institutions to educate students on aspects of the law. Recently in 2021, he has starred in "The Chasers Road Trip: Trains Brains and Automobiles" as himself.

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