Scott Pelley Age Wiki
66 Years
Full Name Scott Pelley
Birthday Jun 28, 1957
Age 66 Years
Profession Journalist
Nationality Amrican
Height 181 cm

About Scott Pelley

Scott Pelley born as Scott Cameron Pelley is an American journalist. He has been a correspondent and anchor for CBS News for almost 30 years. Currently, he works on the CBS News Magazine 60 Minutes. He was also the anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News from 2011 to 2017, a period in

People Also Asked For

When was Scott Pelley born?

Scott Pelley was born on Jun 28, 1957.

How old is Scott Pelley?

Scott Pelley is 66 years old.

What is the birth name of Scott Pelley?

Scott Pelley birth name is Scott Cameron Pelley.

Where was Scott Pelley born?

Scott Pelley was born in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.

What is the net worth of Scott Pelley?

The net worth of Scott Pelley is $ 16 million.

Who is the father of Scott Pelley?

The father of Scott Pelley is John Elmer Pelley Jr.

Who is the mother of Scott Pelley?

The mother of Scott Pelley is Wanda Graves Pelley.

What is the color of Scott Pelley's eye?

Scott Pelley eye color is Green.

What is the color of Scott Pelley's hair?

Scott Pelley hair color is Grey.

What is the salary of Scott Pelley?

The salary of Scott Pelley is $7 million.