Sacha Baron Cohen Age Wiki

Sacha Baron Cohen

6 Years
Full Name
Sacha Noam Baron Cohen
Oct 13, 2015
Hammersmith, London, UK

Sacha Baron Cohen Biography

An English comedian, actor, writer, and producer, Sacha Baron Cohen is well known for his bold and obnoxious comedic style portrayed through politically incorrect films and TV characters. He created the hilarious and controversial characters Ali G and Borat. Previously, he studied history at the University of Cambridge and participated in plays while there. He was influenced by Rowan Atkinson and Monty Python. He played the flamboyant and gay fashion reporter Bruno Gerhard in the 2009 comedy film "Bruno". He also voiced the character, Julien, in the 2005 film "Madagascar". His roles often expand into an alter-ego status as the comedian promotes his films and TV shows in novel ways by attending promotional events and conducting interviews dressed in character. "The Times" has also named Baron Cohen among the 30 best living comedians in 2018. He has gained a huge social media fan base with more than 730k followers on Instagram and over 3.5 million followers on Facebook. In recent news, Dowd's conversation is devoted to Cohen's recent turn as Abbie Hoffman in Aaron Sorkin's "The Trial of the Chicago 7". Additionally, he has won various awards such as Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, San Francisco Film Critics Circle Award, Toronto Film Critics Association Award, and moreover.

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