Roy Oliver Age Wiki
39 Years
Full Name Roy Oliver
Birthday Jun 2, 1984
Age 39 Years
Profession Military Personal

About Roy Oliver

Who is Roy Oliver? Roy Oliver is the 37-year-old former police officer in Balch Springs officer. He started working in the police department in 2011 but was placed on administrative leave following the shooting of Jordan Edwards and later fired on 2 May 2017. Early Life of Roy Oliver On 6th February 1984, Roy was

People Also Asked For

When was Roy Oliver born?

Roy Oliver was born on Jun 2, 1984.

How old is Roy Oliver?

Roy Oliver is 39 years old.

What is the birth name of Roy Oliver?

Roy Oliver birth name is Roy Oliver.

Who is the father of Roy Oliver?

The father of Roy Oliver is Roy Oliver Sr..

Who is the mother of Roy Oliver?

The mother of Roy Oliver is Linda Oliver.