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Roselyn Keo

36 Years
Full Name
Roselyn Keo
5 ft 4 in

About Former Stripper Roselyn Keo Biography

A former exotic dancer, who joined in a team of friends she met at work, who enhanced their income by tricking men into overspending in strip clubs is named for Roselyn Keo. She was convicted of drugging men on Wall Street and bringing them into strip clubs and taking money. She was caught when she got involved in drugging a cardiologist Dr. Zyad Younan who was charged a whopping $135K for one night of partying. The charges were flagged as fraudulent and the case went to court and the doctor won it. ABC News 20/20 will investigate the true story behind the film "Hustlers". The story revolves around four women and a man who was accused of allegedly drugging men and using their credit cards illegally by charging them thousands of dollars at New York’s popular clubs. The movie was released on 12th September 2019. Her book is ‘The Sophisticated Hustler’ which features her story. The Jennifer Lopez film Hustlers tells how Roselyn Keo stole from New York bankers in strip clubs.

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Roselyn Keo was born on Jan 1, 1970.
Roselyn Keo is 36 years old.
Roselyn Keo birth name is Roselyn Keo.
Roselyn Keo was born in Cambodia.
The net worth of Roselyn Keo is Under Review.

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