Rodrygo Age Wiki
22 Years
Full Name Rodrygo
Birthday Jan 9, 2001
Age 22 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality Brazilian
Height 1.73 meters

About Rodrygo

Rodrygo Silva de Goes, professionally known as Rodrygo is a Brazilian footballer. He plays as a forward. He started his youth career from Brazilian club Santos. He signed with Real Madrid in June 2018 agreeing to join the club in June 2019. He has represented the Brazilian youth national team and has yet to represent

People Also Asked For

When was Rodrygo born?

Rodrygo was born on Jan 9, 2001.

How old is Rodrygo?

Rodrygo is 22 years old.

What is the birth name of Rodrygo?

Rodrygo birth name is Rodrygo Silva de Goes.

Where was Rodrygo born?

Rodrygo was born in Osasco, Brazil.

What is the color of Rodrygo's hair?

Rodrygo hair color is Black.

Who is the father of Rodrygo?

The father of Rodrygo is Eric Batista de Goes.

Who is the mother of Rodrygo?

The mother of Rodrygo is Denise Goes.

What is the net worth of Rodrygo?

The net worth of Rodrygo is 48 Million Euro.

What is the salary of Rodrygo?

The salary of Rodrygo is 8 Million Euro.