Rod Rosenstein Age Wiki
58 Years
Full Name Rod Rosenstein
Birthday Jan 13, 1965
Age 58 Years
Profession Attorney
Nationality American

About Rod Rosenstein

An American attorney serving as United States Deputy Attorney General since 2017 is named as Rod Rosenstein. Currently, he served as a United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. At the time of his confirmation as Deputy Attorney General in April 2017, he was the nation's longest-serving U.S. Attorney. He was nominated to the United States

People Also Asked For

When was Rod Rosenstein born?

Rod Rosenstein was born on Jan 13, 1965.

How old is Rod Rosenstein?

Rod Rosenstein is 58 years old.

What is the birth name of Rod Rosenstein?

Rod Rosenstein birth name is Rod Jay Rosenstein.

Where was Rod Rosenstein born?

Rod Rosenstein was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Who is the father of Rod Rosenstein?

The father of Rod Rosenstein is Robert Rosenstein.

Who is the mother of Rod Rosenstein?

The mother of Rod Rosenstein is Gerri Rosenstein.