Robyn Crawford Age Wiki

Robyn Crawford

58 Years
Full Name
Robyn Crawford
Former actress, creative director, producer
East Orange, New Jersey

Robyn Crawford Biography

A former actress, creative director as well as producer is named for Robyn Crawford. She is the best friend of Late Whitney Houston, who is a singer and actress. She rose to fame after she met Whitney Houston when they were teenagers. She was a huge part of her life. Whitney considered her as "the sister she never had". They were very close and they also had an amazing relationship. She became Whitney's assistant when she stepped into the music world. Whitney was married to Bobby Brown in 1992. But there is a rumor about Crawford and Whitney's relationship. In the year 2000, she decided to separate from her. Later, Whitney started to have health issues and also she was overdosed by drugs. Robyn suffered a loss when Whitney was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the bathtub due to drowning due to coronary artery disease and cocaine intoxication on 11th February 2012. Recently, Whitney Houston confidante Robyn Crawford confirms their queer relationship. Crawford confirms that she and Houston indeed had a romantic and sexual relationship.

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