Robin Leach Age Wiki
81 Years
Full Name Robin Leach
Birthday Aug 29, 1941
Age 81 Years
Profession Reporter
Nationality American

About Robin Leach

One of the English entertainer, reporter, and writer from London was Robin Douglas Leach who was famous as Robin Leach. He was also the well-known actor and producer. In England, as a print journalist, he started his career. From 1984-1995, in the United States, he was best known for hosting the television series Lifestyles of

People Also Asked For

When was Robin Leach born?

Robin Leach was born on Aug 29, 1941.

How old is Robin Leach?

Robin Leach is 81 years old.

What is the birth name of Robin Leach?

Robin Leach birth name is Robin Douglas Leach.

Where was Robin Leach born?

Robin Leach was born in Perivale, London.

Who is the father of Robin Leach?

The father of Robin Leach is Douglas Thomas Leach.

Who is the mother of Robin Leach?

The mother of Robin Leach is Violet Victoria.

What is the net worth of Robin Leach?

The net worth of Robin Leach is $15 Million.