Robert Smith Age Wiki
64 Years
Full Name Robert Smith
Birthday Apr 21, 1959
Age 64 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality British
Height 5' 10" (1.78 m)

About Robert Smith

Robert James Smith famed as Robert Smith is an English singer, songwriter, as well as a musician who is famous as the lead singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, principal songwriter and only consistent member of the rock band the Cure, which he co-founded in 1976. He is known for his distinctive voice, guitar-playing style, and stage

People Also Asked For

When was Robert Smith born?

Robert Smith was born on Apr 21, 1959.

How old is Robert Smith?

Robert Smith is 64 years old.

What is the birth name of Robert Smith?

Robert Smith birth name is Robert James Smith.

Where was Robert Smith born?

Robert Smith was born in Blackpool, England.

What is the net worth of Robert Smith?

The net worth of Robert Smith is $25 Million.

What is the salary of Robert Smith?

The salary of Robert Smith is Will Add Soon.