Rob Pelinka Age Wiki
53 Years
Full Name Rob Pelinka
Birthday Dec 23, 1969
Age 53 Years
Profession Basketball Executive
Nationality American
Height 6ft. 6inch

About Rob Pelinka

A former college basketball player, Rob Pelinka is an American NBA team executive, currently the general manager of the " Los Angeles Lakers" of the National Basketball Association (NBA) who has introduced many talented players in the field of basketball. Pelinka is also a lawyer and sports agent. Source: @nba.comWhat is Rob Pelinka Famous for?- The team

People Also Asked For

When was Rob Pelinka born?

Rob Pelinka was born on Dec 23, 1969.

How old is Rob Pelinka?

Rob Pelinka is 53 years old.

What is the birth name of Rob Pelinka?

Rob Pelinka birth name is Robert Todd Pelinka Jr..

Where was Rob Pelinka born?

Rob Pelinka was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is the father of Rob Pelinka?

The father of Rob Pelinka is Robert Todd Pelinka, Sr.