Rachel Weisz Age Wiki
53 Years
Full Name Rachel Weisz
Birthday Mar 7, 1970
Age 53 Years
Profession Actress
Nationality English
Height 1.7 m

About Rachel Weisz

Rachel Hannah Weisz popularly famed as Rachel Weisz is a British Actress. In the year 1990, she started her career in the movie appearing in Inspector Morse, Scarlet and Black, and Advocates II. In Death Machine movie, she made her film debut. Best Known For: For her role as Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell in the movies: The

People Also Asked For

When was Rachel Weisz born?

Rachel Weisz was born on Mar 7, 1970.

How old is Rachel Weisz?

Rachel Weisz is 53 years old.

What is the birth name of Rachel Weisz?

Rachel Weisz birth name is Rachel Hannah Weisz.

Where was Rachel Weisz born?

Rachel Weisz was born in London, United Kingdom.

Who is the father of Rachel Weisz?

The father of Rachel Weisz is Geroge Weisz.

Who is the mother of Rachel Weisz?

The mother of Rachel Weisz is Edith Ruth Weisz.

What is the color of Rachel Weisz's eye?

Rachel Weisz eye color is Hazel.

What is the net worth of Rachel Weisz?

The net worth of Rachel Weisz is $40 Million.