Pete Shelley Age Wiki
68 Years
Full Name Pete Shelley
Birthday Apr 17, 1955
Age 68 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality English
Height 1.64 m

About Pete Shelley

Peter Campbell McNeish famed as Pete Shelley was a famous English singer, songwriter, and guitarist. In the year 1975, he formed Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto and he was also the lead singer and guitarist from 1977 when Devoto left, releasing "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" in 1978. He also had a solo career,

People Also Asked For

When was Pete Shelley born?

Pete Shelley was born on Apr 17, 1955.

How old is Pete Shelley?

Pete Shelley is 68 years old.

What is the birth name of Pete Shelley?

Pete Shelley birth name is Peter Campbell McNeish.

Where was Pete Shelley born?

Pete Shelley was born in Leigh, Lancashire.

Who is the father of Pete Shelley?

The father of Pete Shelley is John McNeish.

Who is the mother of Pete Shelley?

The mother of Pete Shelley is Margaret.

What is the net worth of Pete Shelley?

The net worth of Pete Shelley is € 6.2 Million.