O.J. Simpson Age Wiki
75 Years
Full Name O.J. Simpson
Birthday Jul 9, 1947
Age 75 Years
Profession Former Rugby Player
Nationality American
Height 1.85 m (6'1")

About O.J. Simpson

Orenthal James Simpson, popularly known as O.J. Simpson or The Juice is a former American football running back. He is also a broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman. Following his professional playing career, he stayed in the limelight after he was arrested in 1994 and charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and

People Also Asked For

When was O.J. Simpson born?

O.J. Simpson was born on Jul 9, 1947.

How old is O.J. Simpson?

O.J. Simpson is 75 years old.

What is the birth name of O.J. Simpson?

O.J. Simpson birth name is Orenthal James Simpson.

Where was O.J. Simpson born?

O.J. Simpson was born in San Francisco, California , US.

Who is the father of O.J. Simpson?

The father of O.J. Simpson is Jimmy Lee Simpson.

Who is the mother of O.J. Simpson?

The mother of O.J. Simpson is Eunice.