Norman Lear Age Wiki
101 Years
Full Name Norman Lear
Birthday Jul 27, 1922
Age 101 Years
Profession Writer
Nationality American

About Norman Lear

An American television writer and producer, Norman Milton Lear is a popular figure in Hollywood who produced such legendary 1970s sitcoms as "All in the Family", "Sanford and Son", "One Day at a Time", and many other sitcoms that defined and revolutionized American television. Lear is also a World War II veteran, actor, director and

People Also Asked For

When was Norman Lear born?

Norman Lear was born on Jul 27, 1922.

How old is Norman Lear?

Norman Lear is 101 years old.

What is the birth name of Norman Lear?

Norman Lear birth name is Norman Milton Lear.

Where was Norman Lear born?

Norman Lear was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Who is the father of Norman Lear?

The father of Norman Lear is Herman Lear.

Who is the mother of Norman Lear?

The mother of Norman Lear is Jeannette Seicol Lear.

What is the net worth of Norman Lear?

The net worth of Norman Lear is $50 million.