Niki Lauda Age Wiki
74 Years
Full Name Niki Lauda
Birthday Feb 22, 1949
Age 74 Years
Profession Sports Agent

About Niki Lauda

An Austrian former racing Formula One driver, Niki Lauda was a legendary personality who is considered as one of the most successful and greatest F1 drivers of all time.Lauda was a three-time F1 World Driver's Champion and an aviation entrepreneur.What was Niki Lauda famous for?- Lauda was famous as the Austrian F1 Champion and non-executive

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When was Niki Lauda born?

Niki Lauda was born on Feb 22, 1949.

How old is Niki Lauda?

Niki Lauda is 74 years old.

What is the birth name of Niki Lauda?

Niki Lauda birth name is Andreas Nikolaus Lauda.