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Nigel Farage

58 Years
Full Name
Nigel Paul Farage
Apr 3, 1964
Farnborough, Kent, England

Nigel Farage Biography

A British politician, activist, political commentator, Nigel Farage is a broadcaster serving as leader of the Brexit Party since 2019. He is a former UKIP leader and a top-rated right-winger in a poll by "The Daily Telegraph" who began leading the UK Independence Party in 2010. He was known for his impassioned speeches in European Parliament which often became very contentious. In 2016, he was very instrumental in getting the UK to announce it would be withdrawing from the European Union. He helped found the United Kingdom Independence Party. He was accused of racism while attending Dulwich College in 1981 and he has refused to stand during an ovation for Prince Charles. In recent news, Nigel Farage announces his Brexit Party will be rebranded 'Reform UK' in a bid to take on the government's 'woeful' Covid response, 'bloated quangoes' and the House of Lords. Furthermore, he was also honored with the Lifetime Achievement in November 2016.

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