Nick Candy Age Wiki
50 Years
Full Name Nick Candy
Birthday Jan 23, 1973
Age 50 Years
Profession Property Developer
Nationality British
Height 5 ft 10 in

About Nick Candy

Nick Candy is a British luxury property developer as well as an interior designer. He is famous as the elder brother of Christian Peter Candy who is also a property developer. Initially, in 1995, Nick and his brother, Christian bought their first property, a one-bedroom flat in Redcliffe Square, Earl's Court, London. Using a £6,000

People Also Asked For

When was Nick Candy born?

Nick Candy was born on Jan 23, 1973.

How old is Nick Candy?

Nick Candy is 50 years old.

What is the birth name of Nick Candy?

Nick Candy birth name is Nick Candy.

Where was Nick Candy born?

Nick Candy was born in UK.

Who is the father of Nick Candy?

The father of Nick Candy is Anthony Candy.

Who is the mother of Nick Candy?

The mother of Nick Candy is Patricia.

What is the net worth of Nick Candy?

The net worth of Nick Candy is $2 Billion.

What is the color of Nick Candy's eye?

Nick Candy eye color is Blue.

What is the color of Nick Candy's hair?

Nick Candy hair color is Brunette.