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Nicholas Parsons

98 Years
Full Name
Nicholas Parsons
Oct 10, 1923
6 ft

About Actor Nicholas Parsons Biography

An English actor and radio and television presenter was named for Nicholas Parsons who was the long-running presenter of the comedy radio show Just a Minute and hosted the game show Sale of the Century during the 1970s and early 1980s. He began presenting Just a Minute in 1967 and never missed a show until 2018. He appeared as a guest on other television shows, including Doctor Who and Have I Got News for You. Overall, he was a very talented person.

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Nicholas Parsons was born on Oct 10, 1923.
Nicholas Parsons is 98 years old.
Nicholas Parsons birth name is Nicholas Parsons.
Nicholas Parsons was born in Grantham.
The net worth of Nicholas Parsons is $12 Million.

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