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Nessa Barrett

20 Years
Full Name
Nessa Barrett
Aug 6, 2002
5 ft 3 in

About Dancer Nessa Barrett Biography

A famous YouTuber, TikTok star as well as a Social Media Personality who gained attention after her dancing, lip-syncs, comedy mimics, and entertaining talents is known for Nessa Barrett. Additionally, she is also a Dancer and YouTuber Content Creator. As of now, she is best known as one of the most followed personalities on TikTok. She has garnered about two million followers and more than 50 million likes on TikTok with her talent. Moreover, she also runs her own youtube channel where she has thousands of subscribers. She has also a Snapchat account with username 'nessaabarrett'. She has more than two million followers on her Instagram account and more than 900K followers in Twitter account. She is also nicknamed as Ness or Nessa Bean. Recently, Nessa Barrett is finally speaking out following all of the drama that went down on Monday night amid the TikTok community. Chase Hudson claimed that he kissed the 17-year-old TikTok star, and she's now confirming that it did, in fact, happen. "Yes, Chase kissed me & nothing else happened after that," she said in a statement to People. "I can speak for the both of us that it didn’t mean anything". Then, his ex, Charli D'Amelio, called him out, saying that Chase went over to her house after the kiss, but didn't say anything to her. And thus, the TikTok community exploded into chaos. Chase went on to accuse multiple other TikTok stars of cheating on their significant others and many people had things to say about it. Throughout all of that, though, Nessa stayed very quiet. And now that she's said her piece, she's done speaking on it.

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Nessa Barrett was born on Aug 6, 2002.
Nessa Barrett is 20 years old.
Nessa Barrett birth name is Nessa Barrett.
Nessa Barrett was born in USA.
The net worth of Nessa Barrett is $500K.

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