Nahitan Nandez Age Wiki
27 Years
Full Name Nahitan Nandez
Birthday Dec 28, 1995
Age 27 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality Uruguayan
Height 1.71 meters

About Nahitan Nandez

Nahitan Nandez is one of the best professional Uruguayan soccer players who play the midfielder position. Currently, he is playing in the Boca Juniors Team. His Shirt number is 15. He is highlighting international games for his national team since 2015. His teammates include Luis Suarez, Lodeirdo, and so on. In 2015, he successfully made

People Also Asked For

When was Nahitan Nandez born?

Nahitan Nandez was born on Dec 28, 1995.

How old is Nahitan Nandez?

Nahitan Nandez is 27 years old.

What is the birth name of Nahitan Nandez?

Nahitan Nandez birth name is Nahitan Nandez.

Where was Nahitan Nandez born?

Nahitan Nandez was born in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

What is the net worth of Nahitan Nandez?

The net worth of Nahitan Nandez is $4 million.

What is the color of Nahitan Nandez's hair?

Nahitan Nandez hair color is Blonde.