Myles Erlick Age Wiki

Myles Erlick

23 Years
Full Name
Myles Erlick
Jul 27, 1998
Burlington, Canada

Myles Erlick Biography

A famous Canadian actor, dancer, as well as singer is named as Myles Erlick. He is best known for his role in the teen drama series ‘The Next Step.’ He is musically talented and plays piano, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and drums. He started participating in dance competitions when he was four years old and won some titles as well. His stage career began at the age of 11, and he shot to fame with his popular character Billy Elliot on the Broadway musical of the same name. His audition for the role of Billy Elliot was quite tedious and stretched over several months. He also runs a popular YouTube channel "Myles Erlick" which has more than hundreds and thousands of subscribers. Many of his videos have gone viral and his success as a YouTuber even led to a featured performance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ He is a very talented stage actor.

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