Missy Elliott Age Wiki
51 Years
Full Name Missy Elliott
Birthday Jul 1, 1971
Age 51 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 2 inches

About Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott is a legendary female rapper in the American music industry with 198 multiple notable awards out of 300 nominations. Aside from being a rapper, she is a dancer, a singer, a songwriter, record producer, and TV personality. She is among the top ten female rappers that the world has never seen and she

People Also Asked For

When was Missy Elliott born?

Missy Elliott was born on Jul 1, 1971.

How old is Missy Elliott?

Missy Elliott is 51 years old.

What is the birth name of Missy Elliott?

Missy Elliott birth name is Melissa Arnette Elliott.

Where was Missy Elliott born?

Missy Elliott was born in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Who is the father of Missy Elliott?

The father of Missy Elliott is Ronnie Elliott.

Who is the mother of Missy Elliott?

The mother of Missy Elliott is Patricia Elliott.

What is the color of Missy Elliott's eye?

Missy Elliott eye color is Black.

What is the color of Missy Elliott's hair?

Missy Elliott hair color is Brown.

What is the net worth of Missy Elliott?

The net worth of Missy Elliott is $50 Million.

What is the salary of Missy Elliott?

The salary of Missy Elliott is Under Review.