Mikey Garcia Age Wiki
34 Years
Full Name Mikey Garcia
Birthday Dec 15, 1987
Age 34 Years
Profession Boxer
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)

About Mikey Garcia

Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez, professionally known as Mikey Garcia is an American professional boxer. He is known as a boxer-puncher with strong fundamentals, formidable punching power, and adaptability. Trained by his father, Eduardo, and his former world champion brother, Robert Garcia, he has held multiple world championships in four weight classes. The Ring, the Transnational

People Also Asked For

When was Mikey Garcia born?

Mikey Garcia was born on Dec 15, 1987.

How old is Mikey Garcia?

Mikey Garcia is 34 years old.

What is the birth name of Mikey Garcia?

Mikey Garcia birth name is Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez.

Where was Mikey Garcia born?

Mikey Garcia was born in Oxnard, California.

Who is the father of Mikey Garcia?

The father of Mikey Garcia is Eduardo Garcia.

Who is the mother of Mikey Garcia?

The mother of Mikey Garcia is Virginia Garcia.

What is the net worth of Mikey Garcia?

The net worth of Mikey Garcia is $1 M.

What is the color of Mikey Garcia's eye?

Mikey Garcia eye color is Black.

What is the color of Mikey Garcia's hair?

Mikey Garcia hair color is Black.