Mike Trout Age Wiki
32 Years
Full Name Mike Trout
Birthday Aug 7, 1991
Age 32 Years
Profession Baseball Player
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 2 inches

About Mike Trout

Michael Trout the American baseball player plays for MLB team, Los Angeles Angels. He is undoubtedly the best at his center fielder position, and his association with the Angels spans more than seven years. Today, we will try to disclosing his all facts in this biography!Famous ForAn American professional baseball center fielder for the Los

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When was Mike Trout born?

Mike Trout was born on Aug 7, 1991.

How old is Mike Trout?

Mike Trout is 32 years old.

What is the birth name of Mike Trout?

Mike Trout birth name is Michael Nelson Trout.

Where was Mike Trout born?

Mike Trout was born in Vineland, New Jersey.

What is the color of Mike Trout's hair?

Mike Trout hair color is Light Brown.

What is the color of Mike Trout's eye?

Mike Trout eye color is Hazel Grey.

Who is the father of Mike Trout?

The father of Mike Trout is Jeff Trout.

Who is the mother of Mike Trout?

The mother of Mike Trout is Debbie Trout.

What is the salary of Mike Trout?

The salary of Mike Trout is $ 33.25 million.

What is the net worth of Mike Trout?

The net worth of Mike Trout is $ 45 million.