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Michael Sheen

53 Years
Full Name
Michael Sheen
Feb 5, 1969
5 ft 9 in

About Actor Michael Sheen Biography

A famous actor who is famous for his works in both stage productions and films is named for Michael Sheen. He is well known for playing the role of Tony Blair in The Queen and as David Frost in Frost/Nixon. He is also praised for his work in Romeo and Juliet. He has also won several Awards for his work in the entertainment industry. He was nominated for a ‘BAFTA’ for his performance in ‘Fantabulosa!’ He has also directed the play The Passion and co-founded the Thin Language Theatre Company.

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Michael Sheen was born on Feb 5, 1969.
Michael Sheen is 53 years old.
Michael Sheen birth name is Michael Sheen.
Michael Sheen was born in Newport.
The net worth of Michael Sheen is $9 Million.

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