Michael Darby Age Wiki
77 Years
Full Name Michael Darby
Birthday Nov 1, 1945
Age 77 Years
Profession Businessman
Nationality Australian-American
Height Unknown

About Michael Darby

Michael John Darby is an Australian Liberal Party and the Christian Democratic Party Politician. He is an active businessman in  Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and is fluent in Mandarin ChineseNeither an actor nor he belongs to the Entertainment industry but came into the spotlight just because of his sexual assault with Gizelle Bryant. Yes,

People Also Asked For

When was Michael Darby born?

Michael Darby was born on Nov 1, 1945.

How old is Michael Darby?

Michael Darby is 77 years old.

What is the birth name of Michael Darby?

Michael Darby birth name is Michael John Darby.

Where was Michael Darby born?

Michael Darby was born in Melbourne.

Who is the father of Michael Darby?

The father of Michael Darby is Douglas Darby.

Who is the mother of Michael Darby?

The mother of Michael Darby is Unknown.

What is the net worth of Michael Darby?

The net worth of Michael Darby is $20 million.