Matt Millen Age Wiki
64 Years
Full Name Matt Millen
Birthday Mar 12, 1958
Age 64 Years
Profession Football Executive
Nationality American
Height 1.88 m

About Matt Millen

An American former National Football League linebacker and a former executive is named as Matthew George Millen. He has played for the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Redskins. He is a very talented player and also he won a Super Bowl ring in each of the four cities in which he

People Also Asked For

When was Matt Millen born?

Matt Millen was born on Mar 12, 1958.

How old is Matt Millen?

Matt Millen is 64 years old.

What is the birth name of Matt Millen?

Matt Millen birth name is Matthew George Millen.

Where was Matt Millen born?

Matt Millen was born in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania USA.

What is the net worth of Matt Millen?

The net worth of Matt Millen is $10 Million.