Matt Keough Age Wiki
67 Years
Full Name Matt Keough
Birthday Jul 3, 1955
Age 67 Years
Profession Baseball Player
Nationality American
Height Unknown

About Matt Keough

Matt Keough was an American professional baseball player played in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a right-handed pitcher for the Oakland Athletics (1977-1983), New York Yankees (1983-1984), St. Louis Cardinals (1985), Chicago Cubs (1986) and Houston Astros (1986) from 1977 through 1986. The Oakland Athletics selected Keough in the seventh round of the 1973 Major

People Also Asked For

When was Matt Keough born?

Matt Keough was born on Jul 3, 1955.

How old is Matt Keough?

Matt Keough is 67 years old.

What is the birth name of Matt Keough?

Matt Keough birth name is Matthew Lon Keough.

Where was Matt Keough born?

Matt Keough was born in Pomona, California.

Who is the father of Matt Keough?

The father of Matt Keough is Joe Keough.

Who is the mother of Matt Keough?

The mother of Matt Keough is Marty Keough.

What is the net worth of Matt Keough?

The net worth of Matt Keough is $500,000.

What is the salary of Matt Keough?

The salary of Matt Keough is Unknown.