Mark Halperine Age Wiki
58 Years
Full Name Mark Halperine
Birthday Jan 11, 1965
Age 58 Years
Profession Journalist
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 1 inch

About Mark Halperine

Mark Halperin is an American journalist, most recently known for his position as a senior political analyst for MSNBC and as a contributor, and former co-managing editor with John Heilemann of Bloomberg Politics. He previously worked as the political director at ABC News, where he worked as the editor of the Washington, D.C., newsletter The

People Also Asked For

When was Mark Halperine born?

Mark Halperine was born on Jan 11, 1965.

How old is Mark Halperine?

Mark Halperine is 58 years old.

What is the birth name of Mark Halperine?

Mark Halperine birth name is Mark Evan Halperin.

Where was Mark Halperine born?

Mark Halperine was born in Bethesda, Maryland.

Who is the father of Mark Halperine?

The father of Mark Halperine is Morton Halperin.

Who is the mother of Mark Halperine?

The mother of Mark Halperine is Ina Young.

What is the color of Mark Halperine's eye?

Mark Halperine eye color is Brown.

What is the color of Mark Halperine's hair?

Mark Halperine hair color is Black.

What is the net worth of Mark Halperine?

The net worth of Mark Halperine is $29 Million.

What is the salary of Mark Halperine?

The salary of Mark Halperine is Under Review.