Mark Burnett Age Wiki
62 Years
Full Name Mark Burnett
Birthday Jul 17, 1960
Age 62 Years
Profession Screen Writer
Birthplace London
Height 1.78 m

About Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett, who has won twelve Emmy Awards, five Producers Guild of America Awards, seven Critics' Choice Television Awards, and six People's Choice Awards is a Chairman of MGM Worldwide Television Group. In present, he is the executive producer of five famous network television shows named as The Voice (NBC), Survivor (CBS), Shark Tank (ABC),

People Also Asked For

When was Mark Burnett born?

Mark Burnett was born on Jul 17, 1960.

How old is Mark Burnett?

Mark Burnett is 62 years old.

What is the birth name of Mark Burnett?

Mark Burnett birth name is Mark Burnett.

Where was Mark Burnett born?

Mark Burnett was born in London.

Who is the father of Mark Burnett?

The father of Mark Burnett is Archie Burnett.

Who is the mother of Mark Burnett?

The mother of Mark Burnett is Jean Burnett.

What is the color of Mark Burnett's hair?

Mark Burnett hair color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Mark Burnett's eye?

Mark Burnett eye color is Light Brown.

What is the net worth of Mark Burnett?

The net worth of Mark Burnett is $438 Million.

What is the salary of Mark Burnett?

The salary of Mark Burnett is Under Review.