Malang Sarr Age Wiki
24 Years
Full Name Malang Sarr
Birthday Jan 23, 1999
Age 24 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality French
Height 6 ft. 0 inches

About Malang Sarr

Malang Mamadou William Georges Sarr is a French professional football player who plays for Premier League club Chelsea as a defender. He started playing football for the youth team of Nice in 2005 and began his career at the club. He spent the next 12 years in the club's academy before making his Ligue 1

People Also Asked For

When was Malang Sarr born?

Malang Sarr was born on Jan 23, 1999.

How old is Malang Sarr?

Malang Sarr is 24 years old.

What is the birth name of Malang Sarr?

Malang Sarr birth name is Malang Mamadou William Georges Sarr.

Who is the father of Malang Sarr?

The father of Malang Sarr is Mr. Mamadou Sarr.

Who is the mother of Malang Sarr?

The mother of Malang Sarr is Mrs. Mamadou Sarr.

What is the color of Malang Sarr's eye?

Malang Sarr eye color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Malang Sarr's hair?

Malang Sarr hair color is Black.

What is the net worth of Malang Sarr?

The net worth of Malang Sarr is $1 Million-$5 Million.

What is the salary of Malang Sarr?

The salary of Malang Sarr is £6.2 Million.